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The extremism within the Scottish Tory party has reared its head once again after a Tory councillor in South Ayrshire was forced to delete his social media accounts for being caught out sharing offensive posts online. 

It has led to renewed calls for the Tories to investigate the extremism within their own party – as well as demands to sack Councillor Derek McCabe, who sits on South Ayrshire’s Equality and Diversity Panel and is the Tories’ shadow education spokesperson in South Ayrshire.
The revelation comes in the week that Jeremy Corbyn has faced similar problems of anti-Semitism within the Labour party – and following high-profile cases of racism and Islamophobia in Scottish Labour, as well as the extremism scandal that dogged Ruth Davidson’s party last year, with a spate of councillors and Tory candidates having to be suspended for sharing bigoted, racist and threatening posts online – as well as Scottish Tory MP Douglas Ross launching an attack on the Gypsy/Traveller community.
Commenting, SNP MSP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley, Jeane Freeman, said:
“It is sickening to see this kind of attitude rearing its head within Ruth Davidson’s Tory party yet again.
“This kind of bigoted and racist behaviour is all too commonplace within the Scottish Tories – this isn’t the first time this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last. We’ve already seen prominent MPs attacking minority groups and getting away with it.
“The fact that Councillor McCabe sits on South Ayrshire’s Equality and Diversity panel makes this all the more difficult to stomach.
“In a week where the First Minister made clear her disgust at Islamophobia in Scottish society, and where Jeremy Corbyn has struggled to answer questions over anti-Semitism within the Labour party, Ruth Davidson must now show some backbone and suspend this bigot.
“These attitudes cannot and will not be tolerated – it’s time for Ruth Davidson to finally stand up to and throw out the racists in her own party. Anything less suggests she is prepared to condone this behaviour and would be an insult to minority and vulnerable groups across Scotland, as well as to Councillor McCabe's constituents and decent people across Ayrshire and Scotland.

“His actions perpetuate myths and stigmatise people across our society – and referencing children in some of these posts is particularly despicable. He must be suspended immediately.”
‘Tory councillor Derek McCabe's 'offensive' posts revealed’: 
Moray Tory MP Douglas Ross said in an interview that if he were Prime Minister for the day his number one priority would be “tougher enforcement against gypsies and travellers” – note: not illegal or unpermitted camping sites but a group of people. He then went on GMS to defend himself, describing gypsy travellers as a “blight on our community” who had to be “dealt with”. Amnesty International described his comments as “divisive” and “inflammatory rhetoric that creates barriers”. 
The Daily Record also exposed Douglas Ross about discrimination against gypsy travellers as a councillor in Moray 9 years ago – he also compared a travellers encampment to a landfill site. 
In a radio interview on 1st September Ruth Davidson failed to condemn comments by her MP. As far as is known he has not faced any disciplinary action from the Conservatives or undergone diversity training. 
Moray councillor Donald Gatt – a defector from UKIP who Douglas Ross welcomed into the party – said the poor “shouldn’t have kids” and also called for the repeal of gun laws. He was elected as a councillor in the Keith and Cullen ward of Moray Council.
Stirling councillors Alastair Majury and Robert Davies were both exposed for tweeting vile and racist comments. Majury likened SNP to Nazis, dismissed homelessness and food support charities, attacked benefit claimants and made homophobic remarks against equal marriage. Davies likened black people to cannibals. Both were suspended by the Tories but on 21st August they were reinstated. Ruth Davidson claimed in a radio interview last Friday (1 Sept) that both had undergone diversity training as part of the disciplinary action against them and that they were “in talks with…Show Racism The Red Card, because they want to be able to change their behaviour." Davies eventually “resigned” (Stirling Observer) or according to the Tories had his membership “terminated”.
Ian James – elected councillor in the Strathtay ward of Perth & Kinross Council – describing the term “African American” as a “stupid politically correct euphemism”, hailed the days of “political characters” like Enoch Powell and called the First Minister a “poison dwarf”. He has been pictured with Ruth Davidson in campaign photos.
Neill Graham - elected councillor in the Paisley Northeast and Ralston ward of Renfrewshire Council – appeared in a leaked BNP membership database. He denied membership of the BNP but admitted it was his mobile number. He has been pictured with Ruth Davidson in campaign photos.
Ron McKail – elected councillor in the Westhill ward of Aberdeenshire Council – shared Islamophobic Britain First posts online. 
Todd Ferguson – elected councillor in Dalry and West Kilbride in North Ayrshire – questioned the relevance of the views of an SNP candidate because she was born in the Netherlands
Colin McGavigan – elected councillor in the Clydesdale South ward in South Lanarkshire – called carers ‘the great unwashed’
David Wilson – elected councillor in the Inverclyde East ward in Inverclyde – asked gay councillors to out themselves while complaining about funding a local LGBT group.
Kathleen Leslie – elected councillor in the Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkcaldy ward in Fife – called the First Minister a ‘drooling hag’. She has been pictured with Ruth Davidson in campaign photos.
Euan Blockley – elected in Linn ward in Glasgow – is a former UKIP candidate who left the party after claiming its selection process for the 2016 Holyrood election was a stitch-up after he was not placed top of the regional list.
Trevor Douglas - elected for Airdrie Central in North Lanarkshire - stated on his Facebook that Nigel Farage is ‘the man’, shared numerous UKIP posts and stated ‘Serbia can go back to selling white kids to slave traders’
Alastair Redman - elected in Kintyre and Islands in Argyll & Bute - was the Tory Westminster candidate in 2015 who circulated posts from Britain First in 2014
With exception of Robert Davies, who has left the Conservatives – all are still sitting as Tory representatives.
Over the course of the last year, Labour have faced issues of anti-Semitism from high profile party members, as well as being forced to suspend two councillors for alleged Islamophobia, while Corbynite MP Hugh Gaffney only received a slap on the wrists after making a bigoted speech at a Labour party Burns Supper.

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