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The SNP has warned that Scotland could face a catastrophic no-deal Brexit cliff edge next year if Boris Johnson wins a majority in the election - urging voters to back the SNP on Thursday to lock Boris Johnson out of Downing Street.

The warning follows reports that EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier told a committee that "the EU-UK future relationship cannot be settled in 11 months” - exposing Boris Johnson's false claims that Brexit will be done by 2020 as a con-trick, and raising the prospect of the UK crashing out with no-deal by Christmas next year given Boris Johnson has said he won't extend the transition period beyond 2020.

SNP Europe spokesperson and candidate for North East Fife Stephen Gethins said:

“Only a vote for the SNP on Thursday can lock Boris Johnson out of Downing Street, escape Brexit and protect Scotland’s right to choose our own future.

“Michel Barnier’s comments have utterly exposed Boris Johnson's Brexit con trick - and underlines the very real threat that Scotland would be dragged out of the EU on a catastrophic no-deal basis by next Christmas if Boris Johnson wins the majority he craves.

"That would be a total disaster for Scotland - ignoring our vote to remain in the EU, threatening to destroy 100,000 Scottish jobs, hitting every household by £2,300 a year, and doing serious damage to our NHS and public services.

"At this crucial election, the SNP is the main challenger in ever Tory seat, the strongest party of remain, and the only party offering Scotland a choice on our future. In Scotland, the way to avoid five years of Boris Johnson and a no-deal Brexit disaster is to vote SNP - and I would urge former Labour, Lib Dem and Green voters to back the SNP on Thursday.

If Boris Johnson wins a majority on Thursday, Scotland faces the prospect of a no-deal Brexit cliff edge this time next year -

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