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Ahead of the vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill this evening, the SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson will say MPs must realise Brexit is bigger than any party, and they must 'push the brakes' on the UK government’s plans to steamroll its flawed EU Bill through parliament.


On the 20th anniversary since the Scottish devolution referendum, Stephen Gethins MP also warns that unless the UK government are brought back down to the reality of a parliament of minorities, then the devolved administrations faced the very real danger of falling foul to a Westminster power grab and to the Leave campaign's mantra of ‘taking back control.’

In the debate in Westminster today, the SNP MP will reiterate calls for a “constructive” cross-party and cross-nations approach to Brexit.

Stephen Gethins MP commented:

“There is a very real and extraordinary risk that on the very day Scotland celebrates the 20th anniversary since the Scottish devolution referendum, the Tory government will seek to pass the second reading of its flawed EU Bill that will not just take back control from Brussels, but from Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff as well.

“The Brexit process is bigger than any party, and it is certainly bigger than any of Theresa May’s Cabinet. The reality is that unless MPs from across the chamber unite around the common purpose of securing the best possible legislation, then the devolved administrations risk falling foul to a Westminster power grab and the Leave campaign's mantra of ‘taking back control'.

“That is why the time for adopting a new cross-party and cross-nations approach is now - that means we all have to work together. It will be a challenge for the UK government but it is also a challenge for opposition parties and we will have to work constructively – if the government is willing to listen.

“Given the devastating impact that the UK government’s lack of strategy will have, parliamentarians have a responsibility to step up and have the courage of their convictions to back the SNP in halting the UK government's march to the cliff-edge."

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